Rotary Hearth Furnace Systems

Rotary Hearth Furnace Systems

Rotary Hearth Furnace Systems

Flexible, High Volume Design for Hardening, Heating for Hot Working and Heat Treatment

CAN-ENG Rotary Hearth Furnaces have been utilized in a wide variety of applications for both Reheating and Heat Treating operations. System capacity ranges up to 60 metric tons/hr (130,000 lbs/hr) tph and consist of both rotary table and rotary ring designs.

  • Unique loading systems for a wide range of products
  • Hardening or heating for hot working
  • Capacity up to 60 metric tons/hr (130,000 lbs/hr)
  • Single Door and Multiple Door Designs
  • Special Energy saving burner technology utilized
  • Level II Automation systems including product tracking available
  • Multiple burner configurations possible
  • Unique reliable table advance mechanism
  • Alloy Steels
  • Carbon Steels
  • Carbon Steels (HSLA)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heating For Hot Working
  • Quench and Temper
TypeContinuous Type Furnace
  • SCADA System, Level II Automation
  • Automation & Material Handling Solutions

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