Industries Served by CAN-ENG Furnaces


Aerospace Industry

CAN-ENG Furnaces International is a global provider of batch and continuous thermal processing systems used in the manufacture of aluminum, titanium and nickel based aerospace components.

2015-10-26 Automotive

Automotive Industry

Aluminum Heat Treatment Systems for High Pressure Die Cast Components, Light-Weight Automotive Structural Components and Aluminum Intensive Engine Components

Commercial Heat Treating

Commercial Heat Treatment

CAN-ENG supplies many commercial heat treatment service providers with progressive, efficient and reliable industrial furnace systems.

2015-10-27 Fasteners

Fastener Industry

Heat Treatment Solutions for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Fasteners

2015-10-26 Forging

Forging Industry

CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited provides progressive heating and heat treatment solutions for the steel, titanium and aluminum forging industry.

Shock Tower Casting


CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited provides a diverse range of thermal processing solutions for the Die Casting and High Pressure Die Casting Industries.

CAN-ENG Grinding Media

Mining & Minerals

CAN-ENG designs and manufactures heat treatment equipment for the producers of Grinding Media used in ore processing.

2015-10-30 CAN-ENG Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

CAN-ENG designs a wide variety of systems to heat treat OCTG products, DOM, HSS, Mechanical Tubing, Standard Pipe and Steel Conduit in both ERW and Seamless.

2015-10-30 CAN-ENG Plate


CAN-ENG Roller Hearth Furnace Systems for plate processing applications utilize a design methodology to minimize roll pickup and produce the highest quality plates with very tight temperature uniformity.

2015-10-30 CAN-ENG Rail

Rail Industry

CAN-ENG designs, manufactures and integrates furnace systems for all facets of rail car manufacture.

CAN-ENG Logo 2013-GFSG

Steel Industry

CAN-ENG’s Steel Heat Treatment Furnaces are workhorses for heat treating a wide variety of materials and applications.

2015-10-30 CAN-ENG Tube and Bar

Tube & Bar

CAN-ENG designs and manufactures fully integrated hardening and quenching and tempering furnaces systems for high volume continuous production.

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