Research and Development Programs

CAN-ENG leads improvements and changes in the industry with its Research and Development programs. These programs have three areas of industrial heating focus:

  • Developing new technology
  • Developing new processes
  • Improving and optimizing existing technology

CAN-ENG utilizes existing engineering tools such as 3D modeling and computational fluid dynamic modeling in its research and development initiatives.

CFD Model 100,00 Liter Batch Immersion Water Quench System

CFD Modeling and Time Elaspsed IR Scanning

CAN-ENG's Technology Development Center is dedicated to process development research and product testing. It is comprised of multifunctional pieces of equipment focusing on both ferrous and non-ferrous applications. Our facility houses the following equipment and capabilities:

Ferrous Applications Testing Equipment

  • High temperature 2400°F (1300°C) furnace for process, product and combustion system development
  • Focus on the development of new immersion and spray quenching techniques
  • Steel long product (bars, tubes, plates) quench and tempering testing and research

Non-Ferrous/Aluminum Casting Testing Equipment

  • Low temperature 150°C to 600°C (300°F to 1100°F) development furnace
  • Simulation of single part handling of aluminum intensive automobile components achieved in CAN-ENG’s Basketless Heat Treatment System BHTS®
  • Single part immersion quenching and spray quenching to achieve uniform part-to-part mechanical property results
  • Precision Air Quenching (PAQ™) for developing processes that provide predictable metallurgical results while optimizing residual stress levels

Other Applications Testing Equipment

  • Fluidized Bed heating reactor for heating and cooling process development
  • Ability to utilize protective process atmospheres when testing
  • Access to material testing laboratories and all equipment is integrated with CAN-ENG’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and time elapsed thermal imaging systems

Whether you are looking for confirmation of material properties using a new process or trying to optimize your current processes or properties, CAN-ENG has the experience and tools available to support your current and future development needs.

CAN-ENG Furnaces is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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