Furnace Rebuilds & Retrofits

CAN-ENG brings outdated, uneconomical equipment up to a level of current operating efficiency equal to that of present-day furnaces through its rebuilding and retrofitting services. Whether it is a complete rebuild, new combustion or controls, and integrated automated material handling our parts and service team have the experience to bring worn and outdated technology up to current industry standards.

CAN-ENG is well equipped to perform upgrading work in the areas of:


Removal and replacement of worn or inefficient insulation with modern, energy saving insulating materials.

Heating Systems

Conversion to alternate heating sources (electrically heated or gas-fired) to take advantage of relative energy savings. Retrofitting outdated heating systems with more efficient and effective technology to improve thermal performance while also meeting current compliance and safety standards. When fitted with the latest temperature control devices, overall reduction in energy consumption can be observed.

Advanced Control Systems

To help its customers keep pace with increasingly stringent quality and cost pressures, CAN-ENG can upgrade equipment control systems to an automatic, microprocessor-controlled operation. The integration of advanced controls provides the user with improved data acquisition and process control integrity. Additional remote monitoring and system diagnostic features provide users with improved equipment reliability and uptime assurances.

Mechanical Design

Redesign and rebuilding of component parts or entire furnace systems to take advantage of the latest, most efficient furnace designs while also providing additional capacity features.


Integration of labour reducing, automated robotic or engineered material handling systems. Through the integration of automation, consistency in product handling can be assured while eliminating the need for costly labor inputs. Automation provides flexibility in handling for part changes and prototypes.

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