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Custom & Steel Plant Furnace Systems

Consistent Quality and Reliable Performance

Tube and Bar Annealing Furnace System

CAN-ENG custom engineered furnace systems for heat treatment of steels deliver consistent quality and reliable performance for tube, bar and plate, forgings, fabrications and castings.

Heat Treatment Systems for Steel

CAN-ENG’s Steel Plant Heat Treatment Furnaces are workhorses for heat treating a wide variety of materials and applications. Whether annealing, bright annealing, normalizing, reheating , stress relieving or quench and tempering, CAN-ENG custom engineered Steel Plant Furnace Systems deliver consistent quality and reliable performance for tube, bar and plate, forgings, fabrications and castings.

Our highly innovative furnace systems provide the latest advancements in energy saving technology, material handling and automation, incorporating new technology to replace conventional designs and improve production flow and facility efficiencies.

Continuous Furnace Systems include, walking beam and walking hearth furnace systems, roller hearth furnace systems and rotary hearth furnace systems. Batch systems include car bottom and integral quench furnace systems.

Custom Heat Treatment Systems

After 60 years of designing industrial furnaces, CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited has completed some of the most complex and technically challenging systems in the world. These include both unique batch and continuous furnaces that make many modern processes and materials possible.

Engineered to Order Manufacturing

CAN-ENG Furnaces has the depth of experience to custom engineer heat treatment equipment for the most demanding application. We pride ourselves in providing innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that helps our customers improve their bottom line and gain a competitive edge. CAN-ENG’s engineering team works to improve and optimize existing technology to meet the changing needs of customers and the thermal processing marketplace while continually developing new technology for more stringent manufacturing specifications. CAN-ENG’s team of experienced, skilled tradesmen are specialists in the manufacturing of advanced thermal processing equipment.