Heat Treatment Solutions for Foundries

Our family of companies includes: CAN-ENG, TRENERGY, and JTL Integrated Machine

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Heat Treatment Solutions for Foundries

Aluminum Castings

Automotive Design Engineers have continued to push the boundaries of where aluminum is used in today’s mass produced vehicles. The lightweighting of components found in these new designs requires advanced heat treatment technology. CAN-ENG’s Basketless Heat Treating System (BHTS®) for the processing of aluminum automotive castings has revolutionized single part processing for the automotive industry and our Modular Heat Treatment Systems for thin-walled aluminum automotive structural components have enabled automotive manufacturer’s lightweighting initiatives to continue to drive fuel economy forward. This, along with our material handling and quenching innovations continue to differentiate CAN-ENG processes from other industrial furnace system solutions.

Ferrous Castings

Our robust batch and continuous heat treatment systems offer a wide range of thermal processing options for the ferrous cast producer. CAN-ENG custom designs each furnace system and can offer a tailored solution that meets production, footprint and metallurgical specifications. From Car Bottom, to Cast Link Belt and Roller Hearth, CAN-ENG Engineers have a solution to fit each and every requirement.

Heat Treatment Solutions for Foundries


Our strength is the ability to custom engineer a complete furnace system for any customer requirement.