Heat Treatment Solutions for Mining, Materials & Agriculture

Our family of companies includes: CAN-ENG, TRENERGY, and JTL Integrated Machine

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Mining, Minerals & Agriculture

Mining and Materials

Heat Treatment Solutions for Mining, Minerals & Agriculture

CAN-ENG designs and manufactures heat treatment equipment for the producers of Grinding Media used in ore processing. Grinding Media for the mining industry is a highly engineered product. Factors such as size, density, hardness and composition all play a role in the grade of grinding media manufactured.

Grinding media/ball stock is made from round bar which is forged into grinding balls. CAN-ENG designs and manufactures continuous high volume industrial furnace systems for both bar and ball processing. Minimizing temperature variability after the forging process helps create a premium product. CAN-ENG Furnace Systems are engineered to order and meet each customer’s desired metallurgical outcome, (annealing, tempering, austentizing or heating for hot working).

Grinding ball


Our strength is the ability to custom engineer a complete furnace system for any customer requirement.