Joint Press Release
February 27th, 2024

EVERGREEN KILN TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, located in Niagara Falls, USA & SUZHOU KILNPARTNER Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd., located in China are pleased to officially announce the strategic partnership between both parties.

This Partnership was developed to service and support the growing demands of the North American Lithium-ion battery market.  This Partnership will provide the market’s battery material producers with access to the most modern and innovative Kiln System solutions for producing Cathode (LFP, NMC), and Anode Active Materials.

EVERGREEN KILN TECHNOLOGIES LLC will operate as a subsidiary of CAN-ENG FURNACES INTERNATIONAL, LTD. (CAN-ENG), where CAN-ENG will share over 60 years experience designing and developing customized thermal processing solutions.

This partnership between the two companies encompasses various areas including marketing, brand collaboration, technological development, production, and engineering, as well as after-sales services. Our goal is to create innovative methods for the thermal processing of battery powder. Together, we are committed to forming a collaborative alliance to provide the best kiln solutions to our customers in North America.

Best regards,

Johnson Fan Michael Klauck
CEO President
Technology Co., Ltd. CAN-ENG FURNACES INT’L., LTD.